A new set for an apocalypse movie? 
The riots in Kiev. This is happening right now.

Those breathtaking pictures were taken by the young and usually happy tumblarian girl RedMisa during her volunteer work at Kiev.

“I never thought that I would cry for my native country. I’m not particularly patriotic, I do not like politics, large gatherings of people, meetings and inspirational slogans. but I still go to the central street of Kyiv almost every day, doing volunteer work, doing all I can to help. two months of no change for the better, things were getting worse and worse. but when the killings began, catching the protesters in the streets and beating them up…that was the last straw for me. I do not know what to expect next.”

– RedMisa,

The Ukraine probably won’t have access to the internet soon. Read more about it here.

I have family here and I am scared out of my mind for them. Mum’s friends go to the protests, I ask her every day if they’ve been arrested or killed and it’s ridiculously frightening.

I haven’t been back home since I was 6 (this year I’ll be 24) and I;m scared that if it goes the way it’s going I won’t see it again