Check out this mix on @8tracks: Pirate Radio Soundtrack! by bradwhite.

I get inspired by many things be it films, television shows, books, fashion and even music.

I found this playlist while doing some work, I’ve always been a huge fan of 60’s music and there is something that is just so magical and fun and rebellious about that music and time period. I also really adore the film The Boat That Rocked (Pirate Radio in the US) and I’ve been watching a lot of Phillip Seymour Hoffman films recently (but that’s a post for another time) so I’ve had another idea for this Narrative project, but I may just do it as a fun small side project. is a great website and is somewhere i go to when i need to be motivated, help with being inspired and to listen to some music i don’t normally listen to. all you have to do is search on the site any word you like and you can find playlists inspired by anything from a colour to a TV series.