Amber – Jade McCrudden

Stylist & founder of Creative Space based in and around Hampshire. My
ultimate goal or dream would be to become a Creative Director at a fashion magazine;
my biggest achievement is becoming a mum while finishing my studies in

Work included a 1920′s fashion shoot from my graduate project A La Mode & a punk inspired fashion shoot from my Stereotypes project.


Then: And Then
There Were None by Agatha Christie (1939)

Ever since I picked up my first Agatha Christie book at the
age of 9 I’ve been in love with her and they way she tells a story. For me out
of all the books I have ever read And Then There Were None is still one of my favourites
and has influenced me in every area of my life and work. It is the story that I
hold all other suspense/mystery/crime novels up to.

Now: American
Gods by Neil Gaiman (2001) (Authors Preferred Text 2011)

I started reading this book a few months ago after it has
sat on my bookshelf since 2012. I brought the authors preferred text which
includes an extra 12,000 words. It’s such an amazing story full of rich imagery
and the main character Shadow is mysterious and intriguing. I recommend this
for anyone who loved Good Omens or loves the mythology of other cultures.

Coming Up: The
Woman I Wanted To Be by Diane von Furstenberg

My next book in my to read list is by one of my heroes in
the fashion industry, Diane von Furstenberg, she gave us the wrap dress which
suits everyone and made it possible for women to be comfortable, professional and
fashionable in the work place.


Then: Late Registration
(2005) & Graduation (2007) by Kanye West.

These are honestly two of my favourite albums, I’ve always
been into rock music but Kanye’s music has always spoken to me, I love his
first album because that was my introduction to him as an artist but ‘Late
Registration’ & ‘Graduation’ really reaffirmed my love for his music and
how important he is to me as an artist and a source of inspiration.

Now: Calafornia
by Blink 182.

I feel like I’ve waited for this album since the hiatus
ended, this is the album we deserved as fans and bringing in Matt Skiba has
brought a whole new vibe to the band. Highlight’s on the album include  Cynical, Sober & San Diego.

Coming Up: Honey

I’ve loved Charlene Kaye for years and it’s great to finally
hear more solo stuff from her, I love her new song ‘Honey’ and i’m so excited
to her the EP when it comes out on 19th August. If you’ve never
heard her stuff listen to Poison Apple, Magnolia Wine, Dress and Tie & Woman


Then: Roman
Holiday (1953)

Roman Holiday was the first film Audrey Hepburn stared in,
she also won the Oscar for her role opposite Gregory Peck, and is one of my favourites
of hers. It’s a fun lovely little film that will make the Romanic in you want
to fly out to Rome, eat gelato and find your own Gregory Peck.

Now: Ponyo (2008)

I have watched Ponyo so much in the past two months that I
know the film back to front, it’s an amazing Japanese animated film by Hayao
Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli about a little goldfish and her quest to become a
human, it is loosely based on Hans Christian Andersen’s ‘The Little Mermaid’. And
I don’t mind that I’ve watched it so much because when you see the joy in your child’s
whole face because they have connected so deeply with a film it all becomes
worth it.

Coming Up:
Suicide Squad (2016)

I am so incredibly excited for this film to come out this month. I will finally get to see one of my favourite animated/comic book characters,
Harley Quinn was originally a one off character for the Batman animated series
from the 90s, come to life on the big screen, and who doesn’t love a band of
baddies trying to just get by.


Then: Arrow

I am currently behind with this show but I am a sucker for
super hero TV shows and films. Everything from storylines to costumes to
locations are great starting points for anyone in the creative industry. Green
Arrow is also one of my favourite comic book heroes; I would recommend this
show to anyone who is into Batman or anti hero story.

Now: Keeping Up
With The Kardashians

I’m currently re-watching this show while trying to keep up
with season 12. I love this show so much and each girl has their own individual
style which really influences me in a lot of my starting points when it comes
to creating looks for myself and clients. These girls are style icons in my
eyes and the show is hilarious.

Coming Up:
American Gods

I am so excited for this show to start. The book is amazing
and as a show is going to be just as good and will include new content specifically
for the show, which means more character development and lots of amazing
costumes and backdrops to get inspired by.

OTHER (from art
to music videos to exhibitions)

Wonder Woman

The trailer from comic con has got me so excited that my
childhood hero will be hitting the big screen next year. Her strength physically
and as a character is truly inspirational and is something I like to carry
through into my work.

Bioshock Remasterd

Bioshock was always a game i loved the look of but had never
played up until 2 years ago when I finally sat down and spent some of my pregnant
lady down time with Bioshock: Infinite. Since then I’ve gone out and brought
all three games on PS3, admittedly I’m still on the first game but it’s
amazing. Bioshock Remasterd is released 13th September 2016.

Bill Cunningham

Bill Cunningham is one of my biggest idols and influences
when it comes to Fashion photography, street style and fashion in general. It’s
hard to put into words just how important he is to me and what an impact he has
had on the industry as a whole, and it’s even harder since his passing. If you
don’t know who he is, watch the documentary on him that’s on Netflix, it’s
worth it.