Her editing is unparalled by any other MUA on YouTube.

Her IG is @ wvrthy and her youtube channel info is on there. She makes and sells her own highlighters. 

She deserves more subscribers

here’s her shop! she makes highlighters and other makeup meant to show up on all tones of skin, and her highlighters are incredible. just look!

support her! she’s got awesome other colors, too, besides the gold and the ones in that swatch. my personal favorite has gotta be the pinkish one she named “aphrodite”!

just look at these!!

if you can afford to, give her some business! businesses like her are much better to support then people like jeffree starr who is a notoriously racist devil.

her makeup is also just generally 100% better and also better for you, as big makeup companies tend to put icky shit in makeup.

tl;dr support businesses like wvrthy! wvrthy, keep being awesome!

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