Kauyuki Asakawa is a Reporter at a newspaper, is married and has a daughter.Reiko Asakawa is a TV Reporter who is divorced from Ryuji and has a son.
Ryuji is snarky with a dark sense of humour, who claimed to have raped several girls.Ryuji is stoic and grouchy and does not claim to be a rapist.
After 7 days the viewer will die from a heart attack [the Ring Virus]After 7 days the viewer will die after Sadako climes out of the TV to claim her victim
Okazaki does not exist 
Sadako has nensha, psychic photographySadako has unlimited power
Sadako is not the villain of the story, it is in fact the Ring Virus that kills the viewerSadako is the villain, being the one who murders the watches of the videotape
The Ring Virus evolves into other types of mediaThe cursed videotape is in all films
Sadako is assaulted and raped by a doctor at the sanatorium her father is being treated at. She starves to death after being thrown in to the wellSadako’s farther is the one to kill her, throwing her into the well, she would live for 33 years, dying a year before the events of the film.
Sadako is Intersex, CAIS specificallySadako is not Intersex
Sadako has a younger brother who died in infancy 
Tomoko dies aloneTomoko dies with her friend Masami
The well is made of stone [pile of rocks]The well looks different