NFL Week Two 2021: 5 Things to look out for

#2 Patrick Peterson Returns to Arizona

patrick peterson

The former Cardinals star, who built his entire career with the franchise, became a free agent in the off-season before being picked up by the Minnesota Vikings as their new starting Corner Back. DeAndre Hopkins [WR] will be facing off with Peterson [CB] this weekend and after years of playing on the same side, this match-up should be very interesting, as the two know each other so well.

The Cardinals brought it in their first game of the season, defeating the Tennessee Titans 38/13 with Kyler Murrey being the star Quarterback we all know he can be. Unfortunately, it wasn’t so great for the Vikings in their opening match of the season, with a whole list of injuries to contend with, their loss to the Cincinnati Bengals 27/24 wasn’t as much of a disaster as it could have been.

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