A Hot Mess – UKW Friday Night Showdown Stays Cool

JPR v Jacob Reid

Reid, who had such a good showing in the final 2 of the battle royale last week, is having his first televised 1 on 1 match here.

You’d never know. Winter may call him a ‘pound shop Rowan’ due to his long Redbeard (ahem), but he knew how to hit the target.

And his opponent provided one. His knee. It wasn’t in good shape. So the match became a tale of how much work Reid could do on the leg and how JPR was going to overcome it.

And so, Reid cranked on the leg, then pulled it to the side which looked sickening, then laid back with it, the close up camera work caught JPR’s torment beautifully. Reid kicked it, he picked JPR up and sat back on a cloverleaf, then a kneebar; all well done.

Despite this, his opponent managed the Alan Shearer kick which dealt him excruciating pain and a second try at the stylish RedRum DDT for the pin.

Both men won here tonight and JPR, from a prone position in the corner, challenged Cayman Carlisle. That is going to be one not to be missed.

Screenshot 20220316 191447 YouTube
JPR Suffers Credit; From The Show On YouTube

New Dawn v Wild Sheikh

‘I’ve had one of those new WildSheikhs, please. And a curly straw.’
‘There you go.’
‘Thanks. What are those bits floating in it?’
‘That’s…protein and…erm…fibre.’
‘Oh, like a health drink!’
‘Yeah, if you like…’

Not sure about the name and wasn’t sure about Wild Sheikh facing the tag champs. But this was mighty fine. Some comedy, yes, but a good combination of fun and fighting.

The highlight was probably Andrew Jepson swinging Sheikh Mukhtoom for 14 revolutions (Henri counted them) and then the Sheikh wandering over to the opposite corner and attempting to tag Billy O’Keefe…

Those 2 had a really good tussle on the early going, avoiding pins until Billy halted it with a Death Valley Driver.

Dillon got in on the act briefly with a high crossbody, but Jepson handled things well for the champs and the Samoan Drop/Swanton combo was too good not to garner the pin.

We knew it would happen, Luna even had a trailer, so here it was for the main event.

Luna Rox v Leonie Rose

Pest Rose brought the Persian Empire with her, funnily enough. Her playground heel shouting at fans and yakking at Rox is entertaining though.

So is Rose checking the time on the ref’s watch and then attacking Rox, who comes back with a suplex and then, when held by Hunt, the other Pest, escapes and watches as Rose chops her Persian Empire pal.

Things aren’t as smooth as they once were…

They weren’t missing that chance of a choke in the corner though, Duncan doing the ‘honours’ and Rose weighing in with a kick to the back and smart dropkick, plus that excellent Stump Puller variation, you know, stand on the hair, pull on the arms.

1 quick Rox Samoan Drop later…
…that mess I talked about. The locker room emptied, everyone fought, who won wasn’t a thing, the Persian Empire being matched was the abiding memory and what UKW Friday Night Showdown closed on.

Screenshot 20220316 191817 YouTube
Leonie Rose Checks The Time Credit; From The Show On YouTube

So, What Did We Learn?

That UKW Friday Night Showdown is so classy, when small technical issues arrive, Sid and Henri talk through it when her mic stops working, ring announcer Shelby Sinar just raised her voice.

The Persian Empire is letting it get to them. Mustafa Khan refused a Big Duncan v Cerebral Ste match because he seemed unhappy with the loss in the opener.

UKW is going from strength to strength and UKW Friday Night Showdown is one of the main reasons; it gives angles somewhere to grow, wrestling work to be tried, characters to get under our skin and become friends.

UKW Friday Night Showdown is a touch of class. And it’s only getting better…

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