10 Wrestlers Scott Hall Put Over (That He Didn’t Need To)

#9. The Kid | May 17th, 1993

The early days of Raw followed in the pattern of other syndicated shows such as Superstars or Wrestling Challenge, largely consisting of enhancement squash matches.  

The Kid was the wrestler who seemed like he was going to become mince-meat as he stood opposite Razor Ramon, who had just fallen short in a WWF World title match to Bret Hart. The Kid had appeared on previous week’s editions of Monday Night Raw, going as The Kamikaze Kid to lose to Doink and The Cannonball Kid when beaten by Mr. Hughes.  

The most famous upset in history, after Ramon had tossed The Kid around the ring for a while, The Kid moved out of the way of a charge in the corner. After running head-first into the post, The Kid hit a moonsault on a standing Razor for the win. 

The crowd went crazy for the win. It helped propel the career of The Kid who soon became The 1-2-3 Kid. An ally of Razor’s up until his death, the future X-Pac joined The Kliq and has become one of the greatest undercard workers in WWE history. 

This episode of Raw was the most memorable of the first year as not only did the surprise win of the decade take place but Marty Jannetty won the Intercontinental belt from Michaels. Later that year, Razor helped jobber PJ Walker (Justin Credible) get a win over on-screen rival Irwin R. Schyster, helping two journeymen a year to have huge wins on their CVs. 

#8. Goldust | January 21st, 1996

In Dustin Rhodes’s own words, Ramon “wasn’t keen” on the Goldust character, further explaining: “even though this business is a work, people take it seriously…to have Razor be a kind of a speed bump, it was frustrating but we got through it and it ended with a Roddy Piper special because Razor left.” 

At the 1996 Royal Rumble, Ramon was set to lose his IC belt to Goldust. Considering his uncomfortable feelings toward the storyline and backstage pull, Ramon more than likely could have turned down the offer to lose. 

Ramon also had a foot out of the door of the WWF and towards WCW. It is more than likely Ramon would have won back the belt at WrestleMania anyway had he stayed, in which case the loss to Goldust to give him a rub was not required but just to put him over, whilst Ramon himself was on the way. 

Ramon would enhance the bizarreness of the Goldust character whilst himself protected in defeat as the match at the event featured a run-in, ironically by ally-turned-rival The 1-2-3 Kid.  

This first title win would set “The Grandson Of A Plumber” for a very successful WWE career that lasted for nearly a quarter of a century.  

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