10 Wrestlers Scott Hall Put Over (That He Didn’t Need To)

#1. Ron Killings | October 30th, 2002

In 2002, Hall had entered and exited the WWE within a few months like Abe Simpson walking in and out of a club. Hall’s run in TNA was similarly short. 

After a few wins at TNA’s early weekly PPVs, Hall got a shot at NWA World Heavyweight champion Ron Killing’s title belt. 

At this time, Killings had developed a heel character with the nickname “The Truth” – a paranoid and aggressive moniker driven by the belief he was held back by his race. He went on to prove this wrong by winning the world title, becoming the only ever African-American NWA champion. 

Keep in mind that at this point Killings was best-known for, and fighting the stigma of, his previous K-Kwik gimmick. In the WWF, Kwik was a lower-card rapper who played second-fiddle to Road Dogg as an attempted ‘hip’ tag team duo.  

At the 19th TNA PPV, the still-unproven yet with-potential Killings got a huge elevating win over Hall, pinning him with his iteration of a gourdbuster to get the win. 

Other wins over Curt Hennig, Ken Shamrock (who he won the title from in the first place), and Jerry Lynn all too aided in legitimising the titleholder. 

This win would not alone have set Killings on a path to superstardom but would be a departing salute from a giant of the industry to a prospect of tomorrow. 

Scott Hall Was The Business

“The Bad Guy” certainly knew his worth and, more important, how his worth could be used to benefit others. Hall was happy to be staring at the lights if he knew others could be helped as a result of such a rub from such a prominent name. Despite often clashing with workers, Hall was smartened up to the wrestling industry, having his losses putting others over whilst not hindering his own stock.  

For all here, it was either their most memorable moment or a launchpad into a more high-profile position. I guess in that sense, he’s a Hall of famer! 

Hard work pays off, dreams come true. Bad times don’t last but bad guys do.” 

Rest In Peace, Scott Hall (1958-2022)

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