ECW Matches That You Won’t Believe Took Place

Nikolai Volkoff vs Don Muraco

You would be easily forgiven for forgetting Don Muraco is an ex-ECW champion – twice! 

In September 1992, “Magnificent” Muraco beat Jimmy Snuka. In his first title defense, only two days later saw him defeat former WWF World Tag Team champion and former Soviet (equally prestigious titles) Nikolai Volkoff.  

Although it sounds more like a standard WWF undercard match from the mid-late ‘80s, this was actually in what would soon be the home of the likes of Raven, “Loose Cannon” Brian Pillman, and New Jack.  

Volkoff’s ECW run was short, having a brief feud with Vladimir Markoff. Who? Imagine Nikita Koloff but without any of the good qualities of Nikita Koloff. Volkoff even returned for a single match in late 1993 to lose to (and here’s that name again): Jimmy Snuka.  

The two clashed during the 1988 Royal Rumble.

The Cuban Assassin vs Marty Jannetty

Marty Jannetty’s career is certainly an odd one. By 1994, Jannetty had already not garnered a squeaky-clean reputation. Paralysed by Jannetty after a botched Rocker Dropper, Charles Austin took the WWF to court to which the promotion reacted by showing the heart and soul of The Rockers…friend, the door; Austin won $26.7 million. 

On the 21st of July 1995, at the Expo Center in Tampa, Florida, Jannetty defeated The Terrorist (not the Nazi stormtrooper of the same name operating in Jim Cornette’s Smoky Mountain Wrestling) as a building block win for the future New Rockers member.  

Surprising as it may be that Jannetty was in ECW, The Terrorist might be odder. Although not a household name, he is better known as The Cuban Assassin although he has had more names than a schizophrenic Puff Daddy.  

Known in South America for his work in the World Wrestling Council, he has wrestled across the United States across various NWA territories, WCW, and PNW (Pacific North-West). In WCW, he was part of various tag teams alongside Ricky Santana and a Cuban/American feud with “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan. His NWA run saw, most memorably, a PPV outing versus “Wildfire” Tommy Rich during Rich’s run as “The Comeback Man Of 1989”. He’s wrestled all across the globe against names from Antonio Inoki to Andre The Giant to Ric Flair; the latter ended in a 60-minute time limit draw. 

So to see Marty Jannetty wrestle The Terrorist in ECW is quite bizarre. 

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