ECW Matches That You Won’t Believe Took Place

Jim Neidhart vs Ron Simmons

Unlike the majority of the listed wrestlers on this list, Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart wrestled in both Eastern and Extreme Championship Wrestling. Ron Simmons, on the other hand, jumped ship to ECW between runs in the two major companies of the time: WCW and the WWF.  

Simmons’s biggest win was a battle royal in Hamburg. He also in title matches for Shane Douglas’s Heavyweight title (even at flagship annual event November To Remember) and The Public Enemy’s World Tag Team belts. His last major match saw an upset when the first (and only) African-American NWA champion lost to 911 at Hostile City Showdown 1995. Neidhart’s run was less successful, having three matches per run – of which he had two. His only other three opponents were Marty Jannetty (during that second run), The Sandman in a match at November To Remember ‘93 ending in a double DQ, and Salvatore Bellomo who Neidhart lost to by count-out but got his win back shortly after.  

When Simmons and Neidhart collided, Ron got the win. Taking place in Dover, Delaware at the Caesar Rodney High School in front of 375 fans, Simmons got the win in just over 10 minutes. The finish was the classic staple of the NWA in which the wrestler on offence loses after performing a German suplex bridge that keeps his but not his opponent’s shoulders down.  

The Steiner Brothers vs Dudley Dudley & The Vampire Warrior

The Steiners racked up nine ECW matches but made sure they competed alongside the best during that time: Taz, Raven, Malenko, Guerrero, Cactus Jack, and 2 Cold Scorpio to name a few. 

In their debut match on July 28th 1995, they defeated a rather oddball team. One of these was Dudley Dudley, one of the more forgotten members of The Dudleyz (and that’s saying something!). He did little of note outside ECW. His partner however did.  

Whilst The Steiners’ brief ECW excursion between the WWF and WCW was weird enough, they faced Dudley and The Vampire Warrior. Better known to us now as Gangrel, the blonde Warrior had fangs and pronounced eyebrows even before he started spewing blood with The Blood. 

The bigger-name talent Steiner Brothers obviously went over.   

The Warrior’s biggest match was a loss to Tommy Dreamer at Barbed Wire, Hoodies and Chokeslams.  

That same card saw a Neidhart/Jannetty double DQ, a match featuring The Sandman and contested for the world title end in DQ, and Jim Power actually winning. I also must presume then that night was day and black was white on that day too! 

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