10 Wrestlers Who Kayfabe Committed Attempted Murder 

Randy Orton

The Undertaker is not the only star who has various attempted killings to his name as “The Legend Killer” truly lived up to that title.  

Orton clearly has some issues with anger as illustrated by his attempts to kill The Undertaker. Not only driving Eddie Guerrero’s low rider with a prone Undertaker through the electrics of the set but also lighting The Undertaker’s casket on fire at No Mercy 2005. 

On the topic, Orton seemingly has a common theme of committing arson. In 2017, Randy Orton set the Wyatt Compound ablaze, killing off the spirit of Sister Abigail but the fire-based saga did not end there.

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In December 2020, the TLC PPV went off the air with “The Apex Predator” lighting a match onto the unconscious body of “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt after a match, the event going off the air as the former Universal champion went up in flames. Considering that in the duration of the feud Randy coughs up black ooze, wore a Dick Beyer-esque mask after being blinded by a fireball, and lost a singles match to emo child Alexa Bliss, I think murder was one of the more excusable aspects of the rivalry.  

The Berzerker

Considering his birth name John Nord, did you really think WWE would not make him an evil Viking? 

Under the management of Mr. Fuji, the “Huss!”-shouting Viking was a bizarre act, with his preferred method of winning matches by count-out. Suffice to say, he was not a top-level talent. 

The gimmick was a perfectly good low-level heel role although many saw him, perhaps incorrectly, as a watered-down iteration of former AWA tag partner Bruiser Brody.  

On the April 25th, 1992 edition of Superstars, Berzerker was set to do combat with The Undertaker. However, ‘Taker was attacked before the bell with various well-placed shots with Nord’s shield. On the ground, Berzerker held his sword overtaking, attempting to impale ‘Taker with the dagger. 

Luckily, “The Dead Man” moved. The sword was brought down with such force, it penetrated the ring canvas however which almost certainly would have killed ‘Taker. The match never took place as a brawl took place with the wild Viking hitting a piledriver on the floor.  

Time for quick fun facts about The Berzerker interlude: 

  • The Berzerker’s WrestleMania VIII match with The British Bulldog was canceled due to time constraints. 
  • The Berzerker had one of three SummerSlam 1992 matches not shown in the US; he lost to Tatanka.  
  • Nord was the PWI 1985 Rookie Of The Year. 
  • Nord has never won a wrestling title belt. 
  • Nord had a short WCW undefeated streak until ended by Bill Goldberg. 
  • For many years, The Berzerker held the record of winning the match with the most entrants, winning a battle royal on Prime Time Wrestling that had 40 participants. A fair few were enhancement talents – some we do not even know the names of – but this means The Berzerker beat off top stars including former world titleholders Kerry Von Erich (Texas Tornado), Rick Martel, and Ted DiBiase. For the win, he got a shot at Bret Hart’s WWF title. 

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