Memphis Wrestling: The Internet Champ Is Here!

Zicky Will Be Here Every Week

I was told that by Memphis Wrestling themselves as I was worried about it. So the Memphis Wrestling Internet Championship could be defence every week!

I’m not expecting that of course, temper your expectations, Steve, remember that time you though Stone Cold coming to the last Wrestlemania was going to be good…

Anyway, heeeeeere’s Zicky! At the top of the show too, setting up a match with…Uncle Mikey! The crowd fave, but with questions to answer -more of that in the next section.

The Internet Champ
Zicky’s Here! Credit; Five Starr Fan Cam @fredstyle88

But the match, a co-main event because the Guest had that top spot, was smooth and rather fine, Zicky doing some mat work, Mikey joining him with nice grappling too.

Sadly Mikey couldn’t close the deal though, even though his reversal of Zicky Cutter to a Faceplant looked like it had – the Dice man reversed a roll-up for the pin.

Is this what the Memphis Wrestling Internet championship will be about? Good, frenetic wrestling? Count me in…

Where’s Mikey?

Briar Skimahorn was kidnapped by the Memphis Wrestling Tag Champs The Posse last week. This week Posse Simon was wrestling and Briar was….chained up and at ringside.

Hang on….several things come to mind.

Why have Brad Skimahorn and Mikey allowed it?

Is this a Briar Stockholm Syndrome angle?

Am I reading too much into this? Possibly.

OK, Brad wasn’t there this week, but why didn’t Mikey come out?

Where Was Mikey?
Mikey And The Skimahorns In Happier Times Credit; Five Starr Fan Cam @fredstyle88

Was he given a free pass? Was he overexcited by the Internet Championship match? Is he turning heel?

This is odd and because I like Memphis Wrestling, I’m prepared to wait to see what will happen.

They’re going somewhere with this, aren’t they? God, I hope so…

What An Angle For Ref Elijah

We have had this ‘Elijah likes to eat’ stuff over the last few weeks.

Zicky is in Topps BBQ. He has nachos.

Some fans come over for a photo. Ricky of course agrees, stepping away from his table.

The fans want to chat. Zicky doesn’t mind, he’s a nice bloke.

Here Comes Elijah. Surreptitiously. Sees the nachos.


Scoffs the nachos.

What an odd, and wonderfully odd, skit. Counting the nachos out? Brilliant.

Later he will only have one shoe in the Memphis Wrestling Internet Championship match – did he lose it getting away from Topps?

Can’t wait to see how this plays out.

Mike Anthony Chooses His Message Delivery System

The Memphis Wrestling Heritage Champ could have sent Brett (‘Every Rose Has It’s Thorn) a text.

He could have called him. Or sent a message via WhatsApp.

Instead he went to the Memphis Wrestling training centre and beat up 4 trainee’s to pass the message to him.

Even carrier pigeon would have been easier…

The Former Champ
Message For Ya, Brett… Credit; Five Starr Fan Cam @fredstyle88

Your Special Guest

Rhino. Facing K Toomer. I hope the ring has been specially reinforced, etc etc.

2 big blokes. This could be boring. But it wasn’t.

Fatjitsu Master K Toomer Credit; Five Starr Fan Cam @fredstyle88

They exchanged punches and forearms before the action spilled out to the Wrestlecenter. Rhino sat next to a fan in the front row, catching his breath, but immediately suffering 2 double chops – that fan got more than they reckoned with, the interaction with the crowd is special in Memphis Wrestling.

There was a ref bump. This is usually problematic, but here it didn’t stop a Toomer spinning backfist, Toomer low blow which outraged Maria Starr, Rhino getting a chair but rejecting it – see, he’s not so bad after all.

Oh, he got a barb wire one.

Didn’t help him though, he missed and Toomer hit his own move, a galling gore, for the 1-2-3.

And then Madds Krugger decided to make his claim for a match against Toomer. He couldn’t get the Full Nelson on him so just dumped him on his front.

Ooh, that’s a match to savour.

Memphis Wrestling A Bit Odd But Very Good

Where was Mikey? What’s going on with Elijah? Who will arrive next? Where were the Hollywood Clique?

All this makes Memphis Wrestling so watchable. And I wouldn’t miss it.

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