10 Best Magical Girl Anime You Need To Watch

Powerpuff Girls Z


Powerpuff Girls Z is heavily inspired by the original Powerpuff Girls series and was produced by Cartoon Network Japan as a magical girl anime. The show ran for one season between 2006 and 2007 and was adapted into a manga during the show’s original run. There is an English language adaptation that was aired in Canada, the Philippines, Australia, and New Zealand in 2008.

The show follows the same premise as the original Cartoon Network show with a few little edits. Unlike in the original show, the girls are 13 years old instead of being in Kindergarten. Professor Utonium is working on Chemical X just like in the original but he has a son, Ken Kitazawa, and a dog called Peach. A daifuku, which is a Japanese confectionery item, is dropped into the vat creating Chemical Z, hence the name of the show.

Chemical Z not only transforms Peach into a talking toy dog but also affects three ordinary girls, transforming them into magical girls. Momoko Akatsutsumi, Miyako Gōtokuji, and Kaoru Matsubara now have the ability to transform into superheroes called Hyper Blossom, Rolling Bubbles, and Powerd Buttercup. The effects of Checimal Z are not just seen to change the three girls but it changes people, animals, and objects into evil monsters, this includes fan favorites of Mojo Jojo, The Ganggreen Gang, and Fuzzy Lumpkins.

Little Witch Academia

Little Witch Academia VR Release Date scaled

Little Witch Academia debuted in 2013 as a short film as a part of a Young Animator Traning project and is still going strong to this day in various different media. After a few short films, Little Witch Academia debuted in 2017 as a 13-episode anime series being broadcast in Japan and internationally around the world via Netflix, with the next 12 episodes being promoted as its second season. It has also been adapted into two manga series since then.

At the Luna Nova Magical Academy, Atsuko Kagari also known as Akko joins the school in order to become a witch but struggles due to her non-magical background. Her hero is the famous witch Shiny Chariot who had a magical relic known as the Shiny Rod, which Akko finds and this helps her on her journey to realize her power and herself. Along the way, she helps magic blossom, helps turn the reputation of the school as old-fashioned around, and makes some great friends along the way.

Pretty Cure

Pretty Cure

Pretty Cure is less popular than Sailor Moon in the west but it is still one of the best magical girl anime, especially for younger children. Pretty Cure has been airing since 2004 and has spanned over 800 episodes while being adapted into everything from films to video games and even manga. Three of its seasons have been adapted into English.

With nineteen series under its belt, it might just be one of the most popular and long-lasting Magical Girl Anime in history. Each series centers around a different group of girls who are known as Pretty Cures and are assisted by fairies in order to fight the forces of evil using their magical powers. Two of the seasons are direct sequels of their most popular teams of teens.

If you recognize this magical team you might have seen the Netflix dub, known as Giller Force and Glitter Force Doki Doki, which were originally called Smile PreCure! and DokiDoki! PreCure in Japan.

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