Girondins de Bordeaux: The Fall of A French Dynasty

FC Girondins de Bordeaux has been relegated to the third tier of French football. With finachial woes, players leaving, and another relegation on the cards, how did this once great dynasty of French football fall so hard? We’ll let’s get into it.

Financial Woes for Girondins de Bordeaux

FC Girondins de Bordeaux is the newest club who have been punished due to not being able to keep up to date with finances. It is understood Bordeaux is in debt of 40 million euros which is a huge amount of debt to be in for such a small club. So was it the owners? Bad transfers? Let’s dive deeper into what has turned this club into financial ruin.

Bourdeaux is currently in 40 million Euros in debt which is a lot of money to be in debt to a league. A hearing by the DNCG, who look after finances in Ligue 1, decided that Bourdeaux who were supposed to be playing in the second tier of French football will now be playing in the third tier. A decision that has not been taken lightly by the Bourdeaux higher-ups.

Bourdeaux will have a week to appeal the decision to the DNCG, who if they feel like they should look into it, could see the French side return to the second tier. With a court case set for July first the next week will be crucial for the survival of these former European quarter-finalists.

Credit; Ligue 1

The Future Of The Club and Can They Survive?

So if all is true about Bordeaux’s current financial situation then they do deserve some sort of punishment but this seems extreme, the overlookers of French football seem to be hard nuts to crack and fans of this once great French team can hope they change their decision on July 1st. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen clubs go under because of bad ownership with many clubs in England and Europe crumbling under financial ruin and it’s becoming too much of a common practice now in football.

One of the scary parts of Bordeaux’s future is that they could lose important players. Benoit Costil announced at the start of June that he would be leaving the club this summer and more could be following suit. Hwang Ui-Jo, Alberth Elis, and Junior Onana are rumored to be leaving as well this summer with reporting that between 16 and 18 players are set to be cleared out this season.

Benoit Costil has announced he is leaving FC Girondins de Bordeaux
Benoit Costil | Credit; US Sport

If everything goes right for this club there could be some hope but they need to learn how to treat their finances better, but if everything goes wrong for this club then there might not be a club for the fans to support in the next 2-3 years. This would be sad for a club that won the French league as recently as 2009. We can hope this club sorts out its future cause if not they might not exist for us to watch much longer.

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