MS MARVEL: A Character Introduction

So Ms Marvel is the new hero on the block, after her very successful Disney Plus show. So who is this iconic Pakistani superhero? Is she an Inhuman or an X-Men member? We’ll let’s talk about this cult hero of the comics and now the wider Marvel Universe and really answer all the hard-hitting questions that we at Lace ‘Em Up have come up with.

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MS MARVEL | Credit; Marvel Comics

Who Is Ms Marvel?

Kamala Khan is a normal teenager from America who gets powers from the terrigen mist and becomes the superhero Ms Marvel. She gains the powers to extend her limbs and she also gets superhuman speed and superhuman strength. She is the first Muslim superhero in Marvel, a big move in the right direction for diversity in Marvel.

Comic Book Origins

Kamala wasn’t actually the first Ms Marvel in the comics, it was originally adopted by her idol, Carol Danvers. After Kamala appeared in Captain Marvel #14, Kamala took on the moniker of Ms Marvel and the rest is history.

Like Carol, Kamala has a connection to the Kree, when the terrigen mist was spread around the earth, it awakened superpowers within people like Kamala which gave her the power to Embiggen, which is her word to describe her powers.


So I’ve touched on Ms Marvel and her powers but how did she actually get them? In the infinity event where Thanos once again tried to conquer Earth, the Inhumans released the terrigen mist onto earth which woke up superhuman powers within people who didn’t know they had them. Kamala gained shape-shifting powers where she could change her shape and size to aid her in battle.

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MS MARVEL | Credit; Marvel Comics

Inhuman Connection

When Kamala found out she was an inhuman it took her a while to be ok with this truth. She has a pretty tenuous comic book relationship with the royal family of the Inhumans. They are led by Medusa and Black Bolt who are the two main people in the group.

Kamala did make friends with the Inhumans pet dog Lockjaw who has his own powers. For a while, she sported a kree-designed uniform but has since gone back to basics since returning to Earth.

Is She A Mutant Or An Inhuman?

The Ms. Marvel TV show, which you can watch on Disney +, completely changed Kamala’s origin story when at the end, Bruno reveals that in Kamala’s DNA there is a mutation which can only mean one thing. Kamala is the first confirmed mutant in the MCU. A ground-shaking discovery and while it might piss off some comic fans, there is a possibility that Inhumans and mutants are one of the same within the MCU. Even though the Inhumans TV show is something Marvel would wanna forget with Black Bolt showing up in Multiverse of Madness everything could tie together once, and if, the X-men get involved.

How Could She Tie Into The MCU?

Ok, so how could Ms Marvel tie into the MCU?

Well with her upcoming appearance in the film The Marvels alongside her hero Captain Marvel and Monica Rambeau there are some possibilities for expansion there. With no villain confirmed yet, we could see the introduction of Victor Von Doom, Marvel, or any other comic villain that hasn’t been introduced yet. With her apparent tie to the X-Men, she could show up in a future Secret Wars event, or the one I’m most excited for The Young Avengers. With Kate Bishop, Young Loki, and America Chavez already introduced with IronHeart to be introduced later, this team of young heroes could be appearing soon.

So In conclusion, Kamala ‘Ms Marvel’ Khan has a bright future in the MCU and has many possibilities for her to expand in this universe. If she’s an inhuman or a member of the X-Men her story will progress naturally and organically just like in the comics.

Here at Lace Em Up we’re very excited to see where Kamala will show up next after The Marvels and what new foes she will have to defeat alongside new friends and hopefully her hero, Captin Marvel.

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