My SummerSlam 2022: Riley’s Hot Takes

My SummerSlam 2022 brief review.

Summerslam 2022 to me was a big letdown.  Several matches shined, but overall this was yet another disappointing outing by WWE.  Let’s go over a quick rundown of everything.  This will be fast, and I will not be covering any detail except a few tidbits.

SummerSlam 2022 Opening Match | RAW Women’s Championship | Becky Lynch vs Bianca Belair (c)

This was a fantastic opener.  These women gave everything they had in a very well-paced story-driven matchup. A lot of great spots, including Becky getting back in the ring at a literal 9.9 count.  I think Bianca might have hurt her wrist at one point, as she kept shaking it throughout the match, in addition to her arm which was storyline hurt.  This match was fantastic overall, and I’d almost call it the night’s match.

SummerSlam 2022


Bayley’s return was a shocker, but even more was the former Io Shirai, now known as IYO SKY, and then the real jaw-dropper, Dakota Kai, who you know HHH got to come back.  This stable looks very promising and made the start of SummerSlam 2022 even more memorable.

Logan Paul Vs The Miz

Next was Logan Paul vs The Miz.  Guys, I want to hate Paul.  I want to hate him so bad.  But Jesus Christ, he went out there and showed that unlike that wannabe Rousey, he actually trained.  Paul looked phenomenal out there against the Miz, and I was shocked. 

Logan Paul really showed how far he’s come, and how, unlike people like Rousey who join and get things handed to them on a silver platter despite everyone hating them, he earned his spot.  He even hit a Phenomenal Forearm on Miz making the commentators speculate that AJ had been training him leading into SummerSlam 2022. This match was the one I wanted to hate the most but ended up loving instead. 

This was also definitely a 5/5.

United States Championship Match | Theory Vs Bobby Lashley

Theory vs Lashley was up next, and this was a complete burial on Theory, as Lashley absolutely squashed Theory in a very boring match.  But seeing Theory get his ass handed to him made up for the lack of content. 


The Judgement Day vs The Mysterios

Judgement Day vs the Mysterios is next on the SummerSlam 2022 card.  My disgust for Rey Mysterio is almost as much as for Rousey.  I can’t stand him.  He’s not a Luchador, he broke the Lucha code many, many times over.  Lucha code about losing a mask states:  

When a wrestler is defeated and unmasked, his face is seen by the public for the first time. His name and his birthplace are published in the papers. His mask, which symbolized his honor, is retired and cannot be used again.

Yet this idiot continues to wear a mask.  He continues to claim to be a Luchador which according to the Lucha committee he is not.  He does not uphold the standards of a Luchador like Rey Fenix or Penta Oscura.  I can not stand Rey Mysterio and so I really didn’t care about this match at all.  Edge returned and all, but it was really awkward and made no sense to me. 


Pat McAfee Vs Happy Corbin

Pat McAfee vs Happy Corbin is next up on the SummerSlam 2022 card. 

I mean, Pat is great and all, and he’s really good in the ring, but this match was a hot mess because the ring ropes were for some reason really loose.  Not sure what caused it, but WWE should have fixed it after the botch fest of the previous match but they didn’t.  The match was good, but nothing to write home about.  Definitely a filler match.  Pat was great though. 


Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championship Match | Special Guest Referee. Jeff Jarrett | The Usos Vs The Street Profits

Tag Championship.  This was pretty good, though a special referee really wasn’t needed for this SummerSlam 2022 match-up.  The only reason Jeff was out there was to hype up Flair’s joke of a last match.  That’s the only reason they introduced him into this, let’s be honest.  JJ hasn’t been in WWE for ages, the timing is way too coincidental.  But putting that aside, this didn’t hold up to their MITB match at all, and really the Uso’s or Roman needed to lose the belt, and neither did.  It seemed like they fixed the ropes thankfully, and this was a solid match. 

Not the A+ from MITB, but I’d give it 4 out of 5

WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship Match | Ronda Rousey Vs Liv Morgan

Liv vs Ronda……

Brace yourself cause I am about to go in on this SummerSlam 2022 match and Ronda Rousey as a whole.

Jesus fucking Christ why is Ronda Rousey in WWE?  This bitch can’t apply a god damn headlock, wouldn’t know a german from an arm bar, and is hands down the most piss poor overhyped wrestler, no, “wrestler”, on the roster. 

Rousey has had everything handed to her sorry fake ass from day 1, and I for one am sick of it.  I’m sick of the bullshit cheers piped in during her entrance.  I’m sick of her stupid ass high stats of 90 something in 2k22 when she’s a 70, if even.  I’m so tired of seeing her in the title picture.  She’s more overhyped than Charlotte Flair.  Ronda can’t wrestle her way out of a wet paper bag, much less a marquee match. 

Her match vs Liv was an absolute joke and hands down the worst match on the show.  They couldn’t even give Liv a clean win.  They had to tarnish this already shitty match with a stupid ending that made no sense whatsoever.  I can not begin to describe how much I loath and hate Ronda, and I wish to god she’d quit and never come back.  She was shit in MMA, as Misha Tate proved, and she’s shit in WWE.  Ronda does not belong.  Liv deserved better. 

-48490321849230/5 because Ronda fucked this match up so bad.

SummerSlam Main Event | Undisputed WWE Universal Championship Match | Last Man Standing | Roman Reigns Vs Brock Lesner

Main event.  This match was pretty good, if not completely predictable.  You could tell Brock was having a lot of fun and has been since his return.  He’s more Brock now, and less of a beast.  He’s having the time of his life out there, and it’s great to see.  He’s funny, he’s smiling a lot more, and laughing, and just overall looks like he’s having a lot of fun.  The tractor was hilarious, and you could tell he was having an absolute blast with it. 

I think him hitting the ring a couple of times was a mistake before he got the shovel down to lift the ring, sending Roman out, which looked like a lot of fun honestly.  The best parts were Theory getting jobbed out yet again, and Heyman getting an F5 through the table. 


Predictable as hell, but also fun as hell.

Riley’s Overall Opinion On SummerSlam 2022

Overall though, I’d give this a 2. 

Rousey and Mysterio ruined the PPV for me, while Brock and Paul really redeemed it.  Never thought I’d say how good Logan Paul looked out there, but holy crap was he good.  The problem with WWE though is on Ronda Rousey, who does not deserve to be in the title picture, or even in the ring.  Send her back to developmental.  Not even NXT.  Send her all the way back down and teach her to wrestle.  It’s an absolute disgrace when a YouTuber-turned-boxer-turned-wrestler can run circles around you in the ring, and you’ve been at it a lot longer than him. 

Oh, and Glenn Jacobs came out too.  Fuck that guy too.  I was really disappointed in this show overall.  For one of the big 4, it was time for a title to change hands, but in a night full of botches and screw-ups and piss poor ring management, this PPV lacked.

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