Stardom Unit Rankings: The Fall 2022 Edition From Lace ‘Em Up

#1. God’s Eye| Members: Syuri (L), Ami Sourei, Mirai, Tomoka Inaba, Konami (Part-time, not pictured), and Nanami (Not pictured) (+5)

image 1

God’s Eye has seen a real surge in the last couple of months and momentum is on their side. They’ve added new members in Tomoka Inaba and Nanami, confirmed that Konami is a part-time member and they have gained two championships to add to the fold. With the addition of Tomoka Inaba, God’s Eye increased its reach into the world of Just Tap Out Professional Wrestling and the 16-year-old Nanami makes for an interesting addition to this fledgling group.

The future is looking pretty good for God’s Eye and they have a real chance to keep the top spot in next quarters rankings. Keep your eyes on the 20-year-old Tomoka Inaba, that young lady is a real special talent.

Championships Currently Held:

Syuri| World of Stardom Champion

Ami Sourei| Future of Stardom Champion

Tomoka Inaba| Queen of Just Tap Out Champion

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