Worst Wrestling Returns VIII: Tommy Rich

Of all NWA stars, Tommy Rich is one of the wrestlers most synonymous with the Georgian territory, Known for his iconic feud with Buzz Sawyer and shotgun NWA World Heavyweight title win in 1981, “Wildfire” Tommy Rich was a relic of the NWA, thus it was surprising when he was brought into a more modern... Continue Reading →

The Yardbirds: The Legacy Of Short But Sweet Innovators 

The Yardbirds’ contributions to the music industry have led to a portfolio of significant titles for the band. Perhaps none is more important than the band’s reputation as a hub for some of the greatest guitarists to fester in. Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, and Jimmy Page all cut their teeth in The Yardbirds during the... Continue Reading →

Top 10 Greatest Hank Williams Songs

In terms of the most important musicians of the modern era, Hank Williams has to rank somewhere near the top of that list. Emerging post-World War Two, this Alabama-born country boy would quickly become one of the biggest stars in the country, with his songs about loneliness, loyalty, love, loss, partying, and other themes, supported... Continue Reading →

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Worst Wrestling Returns VII: The Legion Of Doom

Chances are if you ask a wrestling fan to name any tag team, The Road Warriors (or The Legion Of Doom, if you prefer) will be one of the first responses. Although never Bret Hart or Ricky Steamboat between the ropes, the roughhousing duo of Hawk and Animal had the look, the moves, and the... Continue Reading →

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