10 Wrestlers Who Kayfabe Committed Attempted Murder 

Wrestling is, if nothing else, entertainment. Of course, although kayfabe in the year 2022 is as dead as a doornail to the bedroom of a dodo, professional wrestling is still treated as if real – as much so as any other sport. A surprisingly common tactic wresters attempt however is murder, often in front of... Continue Reading →

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Worst Wrestling Returns II: The British Bulldog

The British Bulldog is one of the most memorable performers of the Golden Era through the New Generation Era. Whether aligned with Dynamite Kid, defeating Bret Hart in his home nation in front of over 80,000 fans, or colluding with Owen – Davey Boy Smith proved to be one of the most reliable and prominent... Continue Reading →

ECW Matches That You Won’t Believe Took Place

I’ve previously written a list of wrestlers you may not know were in ECW. In that piece, it was heavily implied that almost everyone who was anyone in wrestling wrestled at least once in the Philadelphia promotion. Even with that considered, some of these matches that took place in ECW may have you going “Boy,... Continue Reading →

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Griffin Reviews: Series 7, Episode 6 of Peep Show

In this episode in Series 7 of Peep Show, Mark is now with his partner Dobby and accompanied by his family for Christmas. As is Peep Show tradition, what should be a joyous, fun occasion soon turns to hell in various forms. With some iconic moments of the show, let’s see what goes down in... Continue Reading →

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