Griffin Reviews: Series 5, Episode 2 of Peep Show

In previous episodes of Peep Show, we have met many love interests such as Big Suze, Toni, and Sophie but this episode marks the first appearance of perhaps the most beloved female in the entire series in that of Dobby. How will Mark feel now that this new woman has walked into his life and... Continue Reading →

10 Great Male Wrestlers Under 5’10 (Past & Present)

Traditionally, the wrestling landscape has been perceived as “The Land Of The Giants”, with the larger-than-life, muscles and frames of mammoth men ruling the roost. This has made it harder for those wrestlers of lower stature. That said, a few stars of today and pioneers of yesteryear have flourished, being very credible and commendable workers... Continue Reading →

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Griffin Reviews: Series 3, Episode 6 of Peep Show

After gaining their feet in the first 2 series, we now have a more cemented story in Peep Show. With new, established characters and further twists, we reach series 3, episode 6. How has it differed from the start and have we maintained or improved from the inaugural episode? In this review, we will be... Continue Reading →

Is The Rock Vs Steve Austin The Best WrestleMania Match?

In terms of wrestling trilogies, there may be none bigger than The Rock and Steve Austin. Although they have had numerous matches throughout their career - a numbering totaling over 100 - their three WrestleMania encounters are the most famous and WrestleMania X7’s was the biggest and best of their bouts. “The Brahma Bull” and... Continue Reading →

10 Wrestlers Scott Hall Put Over (That Didn’t Need It)

With the recent passing of Scott Hall, many fans have reflected on the contributions made by “The Bad Guy”. Hall is commonly seen as a backstage politician of note, which makes sense considering his role in The Kliq and refusal to allow anyone to kick out of his Razor’s Edge (with the exception of Crush)... Continue Reading →

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