A Great Ozzy Album: Back To The Future

Ozzy The Brand He's so inconic. So human. So unfiltered. We love John Osbourne. Actually no, we love Ozzy, we don't really know John. And it was the reality TV show which brought him to stardom, according to his wife Sharon in 'The 9 Lives Of Ozzy Osbourne', which is a rather sweet, sad and... Continue Reading →

AEW Rampage Ramps Up The Wrestling

Angles Spoil Action The chat, the sneak attacks, the bits and bobs of carefully plotted wrestler shenanigans which often  fall flat on Rampage. This week? Hobbs talking about how he'll win.Jade Cargill talking about how she did win.Samoa Joe wanting to win there and then. The first two are meh. The last is interesting, firstly... Continue Reading →

CCW: Brian Cage’s Happy Wrestling Home?

CCW Makes A Refreshing Change? I don't know Brian Cage. We don't connect on Twitter or Insta. There are no LOLs or retweets. And yet when I see him in his latest faction, Tully Blanchard Enterprises, I just feel that he doesn't know why he's there. And why should he know? Moved from Team Taz... Continue Reading →

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