Kenny Omega & Will Ospreay: The Shadow Self 

Kenny Omega and Will Ospreay are two of the best professional wrestlers alive today. Both of them combine otherworldly athletic abilities with an innate skill to captivate a crowd. When they wrestle, you want to watch. They also both have walked the path of the Gaijin in New Japan Pro Wrestling. As foreigners, they have... Continue Reading →

Jon Moxley (You Can Always Come Home)

Jon Moxley is a professional wrestler. At Forbidden Door, he recaptured the AEW (interim) Championship in what can only be described as a bloody banger indicative of the style he has brought to basically anywhere in the world there is a ring and fans. Since he left WWE he appears to be on a mission... Continue Reading →

Walking Through The Forbidden Door

Thomas Jay Hayes headed to NJPWxAEW: Forbidden Door this weekend. Here he is giving us his thoughts and feelings on the weekend and what it means to be a wrestling fan. Sometimes, loving professional wrestling can feel like living on an island. “Oh that Hulk Hogan stuff,” says the woman who will not be calling... Continue Reading →

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