Chas and Dave: The Sound Of My Summer

One of my fondest memories since the birth of my daughter is the summers I spent in my Grandpa's garage listening to Chas and Dave. As a London-born boy Chas and Dave, also known as Chas & Dave, had a very cockney working-class sound to them, which appealed to my Grandpa, and his Grandpa's heart.... Continue Reading →

Arlo Guthrie & His Long Forgotten Masterpiece

Arlo Guthrie might not be a name you know well, or at all but he wrote one of the most wonderfully political and hilarious songs of the last century. Alice's Restaurant Massacree more commonly known as Alice's Restaurant was released in 1967. This song has been played very regularly in my grandparent's house and now... Continue Reading →

Elvis Presley: The King Of Rock & Roll | Part I

Elvis Presley is one of the most well-known and recognizable figures in music with his songs becoming classics. His music was always on in my grandparent's house, to be honest, there was a lot of music being played, but Elvis was one of my Grandpa's favorites. His music holds a special place in my heart... Continue Reading →

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