John Cena: 10 Best Matches Of His Career

There are simply four words to describe John Cena; Greatest of All Time. Whether you like him or you hate him, cheer him or boo him, you can’t deny that he is the absolute greatest sports entertainer in WWE history. The man is a draw, a polarising figure who creates so much buzz from very... Continue Reading →

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Gabriel Jesus And The Arsenal Brazilian Revolution

Gabriel Jesus has signed for Arsenal in a deal worth up to 40 million pounds. Some might see it as steep but in the current market and with a player of his quality you're not gonna get him any cheaper. The Brazillian Connection So with the signing of Gabriel Jesus, Arsenal now has a strong... Continue Reading →

10 Best Magical Girl Anime You Need To Watch

From Puella Magi Madoka Magica to Sailor Moon, which Magical Girl Anime is the best? Let's explore the history of the Magical Girl Anime and why it is some of the most compelling and popular shows in Japan and internationally. The Magical Girl Anime is a subgenre of Japanese fantasy media where a girl or... Continue Reading →

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Worst Wrestling Returns V: Barry Windham

Who is the single most underappreciated wrestler of all time? For my money, there can be few considered greater candidates for this position than Barry Windham. Although an ex-Four Horsemen member, ex-NWA champion, and a WWE Hall Of Famer, the 6’6 grappler from Sweetwater, Texas has never been gifted the recognition that his talents should... Continue Reading →

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