Chas and Dave: The Sound Of My Summer

One of my fondest memories since the birth of my daughter is the summers I spent in my Grandpa's garage listening to Chas and Dave. As a London-born boy Chas and Dave, also known as Chas & Dave, had a very cockney working-class sound to them, which appealed to my Grandpa, and his Grandpa's heart.... Continue Reading →

Sam Cooke: A Change Is Gonna Come

Written by Nicola McCrudden I first heard Sam Cooke when his 1960 hit Wonderful World was used in the Levi 501 Jeans advertisement in 1985, along with Percy Sledge and Marvin Gaye, who were also included in others during the same period. This gave me, and many others, a renewed interest in 1960s soul and... Continue Reading →

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