Lady Bird Johnson: First Ladies a CNN Special

Episode 5 looks at the wife of Lyndon B. Johnson, the great Lady Bird Johnson, who was thrust into the limelight and the position of the First Lady after the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Born on 22nd December 1912 as Claudia Alta Taylor she served her nation as The Second Lady, between 1961 and... Continue Reading →

Griffin Reviews: Series 7, Episode 6 of Peep Show

In this episode in Series 7 of Peep Show, Mark is now with his partner Dobby and accompanied by his family for Christmas. As is Peep Show tradition, what should be a joyous, fun occasion soon turns to hell in various forms. With some iconic moments of the show, let’s see what goes down in... Continue Reading →

Griffin Reviews: Series 5, Episode 2 of Peep Show

In previous episodes of Peep Show, we have met many love interests such as Big Suze, Toni, and Sophie but this episode marks the first appearance of perhaps the most beloved female in the entire series in that of Dobby. How will Mark feel now that this new woman has walked into his life and... Continue Reading →

All or Nothing: A Season With The Dallas Cowboys

All or Nothing is an Amazon Prime series detailing an entire season with a specific sports team. Season 3 focuses on the 2017 season of the Dallas Cowboys. As a Brit and someone who’s knowledge of American sports is limited, I have taken it upon myself to learn more about the game of football. I personally... Continue Reading →

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