Rampage:The Faction Factory Pt 45

Another Faction For Rampage? Yes, another. Because we don't have enough in AEW, do we? This time it's the Trussbusters...eh, oh, Trustbusters. Yes, apparently about the leader of the Faction having loads of money and being a business success. You know, like Andrade was supposed to have loads of money when he was running a... Continue Reading →

Rampage : New Arrivals, More Fun?

'You Marshmellow You, Yum, Yum, Yum' Thus quoth the Lord on Rampage. Regal, that is.  As he watched his man Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa* *aaaaaaaarksleyyyyyyyyy fighting Mance Warner. Yes, that's right, ole Mancer. Good to see him again? Is he All Elite? AEW don't have many who like a fight in a Death Match way. And we know... Continue Reading →

IMPACT VS AEW: A Perfect Crossover Event

Two amazing companies, one is IMPACT which has a deep and rich history, admittedly not all of it good but they are still highly influential. The second is AEW the problem child and new kid on the block who is trying to write their own history in the small time they’ve been in wrestling. So... Continue Reading →

AEW Rampage? Were You Not Entertained? Sort Of…

Let Me Explain... There were matches that I should have been delighted to see here on Rampage. After a lukewarm Fyter Fest night 1 on Wednesday, Rampage should surely have warmed the grappling cockles. After all, Gresham versus Moriarty; eh? Eh? Yeah...about that... G & M Don't Really Gel Maybe I expected too much. After... Continue Reading →

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