Memphis Wrestling Keeps It Simple!

Memphis Wrestling know their business so well now that they pull their angles to the front and the back of the stove with nary a second thought. Their Saturday morning show was simply smooth and simply smashing. Here were the priorities. Mike Anthony Crashes The Party He said he would. After all, he can cash... Continue Reading →

Memphis Wrestling Saturday Night : Alternate Reality?

It's as if the Memphis Wrestling Saturday morning show spawned a twisted, darker brother. It does feel grown-up. It's at the Wrestlecenter but it's a different beast entirely. A sexy beast. The Look of Memphis Wrestling Remember when 80's US promotions used to show footage that happened the week before at their evening show? The... Continue Reading →

Smooth : Memphis Wrestling Has A Joyous Ease

Yep, not even surprises can shake Memphis Wrestling, it just adds to the excitement. The Women's Title Picture Is Fractured But why? Skylar is the champ and just below that, it's in turmoil, isn't it? Not any more. 2 weeks ago, Diana Taylor DDT'd her on a steel chair, and now? She's not in Memphis... Continue Reading →

Marvelous Memphis Wrestling Definitely Delights

It sounds simple. But it's not easy to do. The Memphis Wrestling Heritage Championship title picture isn't the usual Champ versus No1 contender. There's more to it. Firstly the top 2. Brett ('Every Rose Has It’s Thorn') Michaels will face contender Big Swoll Justin Cole soon. So let's get them on the show. Big Swoll... Continue Reading →

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