STARDOM NEW YEAR STARS 2021 Tour | Full Results

STARDOM NEW YEAR STARS 2021 | DAY 1 | Sat 2nd January 2021 | 18:30 | Shinkiba 1st RING, Tokyo. MATCH ONE: Himeka [Donna del Mondo] Vs Lady C Match Time: 7m 31s WINNER: Donna del Mondo | Himeka via JP Coaster. MATCH TWO: Tamu Nakano [COSMIC ANGELS] Vs Ruaka [STARS]  Vs Gokigen [STARS] Match... Continue Reading →

Tokyo Sports Puroresu Awards 2020

The Tokyo Sports Puroresu Awards are Japanese professional wrestling awards, being the most publicised with all major promotions represented, that have been handed out by the Tokyo Sports magazine annually since 1974.  The awards are voted on by a committee including reporters, photographers and other individuals who are involved in the japans pro wrestling industry.  The winners are announced in... Continue Reading →

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