Worst Wrestling Returns II: The British Bulldog

The British Bulldog is one of the most memorable performers of the Golden Era through the New Generation Era. Whether aligned with Dynamite Kid, defeating Bret Hart in his home nation in front of over 80,000 fans, or colluding with Owen – Davey Boy Smith proved to be one of the most reliable and prominent... Continue Reading →

Worst Wrestling Returns I: Ricky Steamboat

I make no qualms about Ricky Steamboat being my favorite professional wrestler of all time. A flawless in-ring specimen, Steamboat is regarded as one of the greatest workers of his or any era. Having brilliant matches with Ric Flair, Randy Savage, Steve Austin, Bret Hart, and Rick Rude – you hear very little about his... Continue Reading →

10 Great Male Wrestlers Under 5’10 (Past & Present)

Traditionally, the wrestling landscape has been perceived as “The Land Of The Giants”, with the larger-than-life, muscles and frames of mammoth men ruling the roost. This has made it harder for those wrestlers of lower stature. That said, a few stars of today and pioneers of yesteryear have flourished, being very credible and commendable workers... Continue Reading →

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Is Hogan Vs Andre the Giant The Best WrestleMania Match?

'The Megapowers, they'll be exploding later on' As Gorilla Monsoon told us at 'Wrestlemania V'. That match with Randy Savage wasn't the real Mega Powers. It was Hogan and Andre. That would be Andre Roussimoff. Andre The Giant billed as 7ft 3" and over 500lbs, was a huge man who dominated all opponents (well, Big... Continue Reading →

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