10 Matches for Johnny Gargano on WWE’s Main Roster   

Hearing Rebel Heart blare through the arena on Monday Night was a beautiful thing to hear and a sight to see, Johnny Gargano, better known as JOHNNY WRESTLING is BACK. He teased a debut in AEW, a return to the indie scene, and a return to WWE. He, thankfully, chose the latter due to the... Continue Reading →

What Is In The Undertaker’s Urn? 

When talking about the most enduring characters in wrestling history, The Undertaker has to be right up there. What is the source of “The Dead Man”’s supernatural powers? The urn. Branded by Paul Bearer for many years, this symbolic prop had the authority over ‘Taker with his strength stripped when the driving magical force was... Continue Reading →

NXT UK Releases and What It Means For the UK Scene

Just one day after Tyler Bate, Gallus and Blair Davenport shockingly appeared on NXT 2.0, WWE officially announced that the NXT UK brand will be closing down following the upcoming Worlds Collide event. This is set to take place on September 4th, just one day after WWE Clash at the Castle. It was also announced... Continue Reading →

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