CCW: Coastal Championship Wrestling Ambulance Chasers?

Nee Naa Nee Naa... Or Whoooooo Whooooo if you're in the US. No, not Ric Flair, the sound of an ambulance siren. Because that's what we had for CCW Alive this week... An Ambulance Match Now, Ambulance Matches can be stymied, restrained. Because, after all, there's an ambulance, you need to put your opponent in... Continue Reading →

It’s Alive! CCW Alive Is In Rude Health

Why Do I Say This? It just came to mind. Like that peanut butter and leek sandwich idea. This was a better one. Because the CCW weekly show is so well designed that it's almost a thing of beauty. This week, in their usual 20-or-so minutes, they wanted to concentrate on the main event Heavyweight... Continue Reading →

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