Memphis Wrestling Internet Championship Shock!

Hang On, It Can't Be... Zicky Dice brought the announcement to Memphis Wrestling a few Saturday nights ago, so it seemed fitting that he was back to reveal the Memphis Wrestling Internet title belt. Now, when Dustin revealed the tag belts, I wasn't massively keen and said so - he pushed back at that on... Continue Reading →

Marvelous Memphis Wrestling Definitely Delights

It sounds simple. But it's not easy to do. The Memphis Wrestling Heritage Championship title picture isn't the usual Champ versus No1 contender. There's more to it. Firstly the top 2. Brett ('Every Rose Has It’s Thorn') Michaels will face contender Big Swoll Justin Cole soon. So let's get them on the show. Big Swoll... Continue Reading →

Memphis Wrestling Reboot? Nah, Same Brilliance

Yes, the Memphis Wrestling anniversary trio of weeks ended last week, so we start a new cycle. Will they call it something different? Give it a different name? Add some bunting and a pair of swag curtains? Nope, they just continued to delight. This show is so strong, that it doesn’t need any changes. It... Continue Reading →

GCW For The Culture III: Black Excellence Comes To Texas

What a great wrestling show. GCW For The Culture 3 was a real wrestling show, no big angles, no hokey finishes, just great wrestling. The way it should be. JGT Vs Rich Swann and 2 Cold Scorpio Vs Bryan Keith were canceled and replaced with a fatal 4-way. IMPACT Knockout Championship Match | Tasha Steelz... Continue Reading →

Happy Anniversary, Memphis Wrestling!

It was one ago year today,Memphis Wrestling came back to stayIt was going in and out of styleBut it never ceased to raise a smileLet Dustin introduce to youHis wrestling entertainment creeeeeew… With apologies to the Fab Four and ‘Sgt. Peppers…’, it needs marking, this anniversary. And the last 3 weeks have done just that.... Continue Reading →

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