CCW Ep 101 : Levy Gets His Shot

CCW Made It Simmer That's one of the the reasons this was so good, CCW kept it going for weeks. Ariel Levy broke with his South American Alliance tag team pal Vinicious and manager Bill Alfonso. But he didn't ask for a gentle tete a tete, laying out his reasons for leaving with tearstained cheeks... Continue Reading →

CCW Sees Kilynn King Reign Supreme Yet Again

But First... Ariel, WHY?........pt2 You'll remember that Ariel Levy turned on his South American Alliance brothers Vinicious and Bill Alfonso shortly after they lost their CCW tag team belts in a surprising turn to only-just-formed Elevated Status. It was a heinous act, but one which had been simmering. The SAA was a CCW success though,... Continue Reading →

CCW Chaos : Why Ariel, Why?

The South American Alliance Are The Tag Team Champs CCW Wants They've held them for close to a  year and repelled rough and tough teams, they have a hard-hitting high flyer with a masked Brazilian mauler who just grunts or howls. And they have Fonzie, yes from ECW and Florida and loads of other places;... Continue Reading →

CCW Gets The Rub and it’s Too Sweet

Not that they need it. The Coastal Championship Wrestling YouTube shows have been great for ages, only 20 mins or so but packed full of Wrestling which is usually rather fine. They push in guests who don't usually turn up and do call and response with the crowd, they wrestle; in Brian Cage's case, brilliantly.... Continue Reading →

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