Memphis Wrestling: The Troublesome Era Begins

'Kids Were Crying, Hearts Were Broken...' That's how Maria Starr began this Memphis Wrestling Saturday Morning spectacular. What could she be talking about which caused so much torment? Here Comes The New Heritage Champ And because holding the Memphis Wrestling top belt has some gravitas, he's nicely suited. With a beanie hat to make you... Continue Reading →

Memphis Wrestling Shocking Surprise!

And New...Mike Cashes In He'd been teasing it for weeks. Mike Anthony won the Cobra Cup, so he got a shot at Brett ('Every Rose Has It’s Thorn') Michaels' Memphis Wrestling Heritage Title belt whenever he wants. And he must have had confidence in his abilities because he cashed his shot in during the Michaels... Continue Reading →

Smooth : Memphis Wrestling Has A Joyous Ease

Yep, not even surprises can shake Memphis Wrestling, it just adds to the excitement. The Women's Title Picture Is Fractured But why? Skylar is the champ and just below that, it's in turmoil, isn't it? Not any more. 2 weeks ago, Diana Taylor DDT'd her on a steel chair, and now? She's not in Memphis... Continue Reading →

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