CCW Chaos : Why Ariel, Why?

The South American Alliance Are The Tag Team Champs CCW Wants They've held them for close to a  year and repelled rough and tough teams, they have a hard-hitting high flyer with a masked Brazilian mauler who just grunts or howls. And they have Fonzie, yes from ECW and Florida and loads of other places;... Continue Reading →

CCW Fun Fight Uses The Whole Room

A Rangy Brawl The Match Starts Credit; CCW Gangrel. Much loved in Coastal Championship Wrestling. And been around in wrestling for 35 years. Nice bloke too, it seems. And yet recently on CCW and MLW, I haven't been too sure about his work. Well, I'm sure now. Because CCW played to his strengths here. No... Continue Reading →

CCW Becomes Dearly Beloved

'CCW, we are gathered here today to splice these two in holy headlock. Suplexing no others for as long as they both shall sell.' Yes, CCW Alive has something different, odd and lovely as its first offering this week. They usually delight and this week is no different. 'The Bus' Big English (and the large... Continue Reading →

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