CCW Gives Us Heavyweight Havok: A Meeting Of The Meat

CCW wrestler Buckshot Brian Brock looks like Outlaw Ron Bass and not just because he has a cowboy gimmick, his body looks similar and his attitude too; that's a really good thing, Bass was class as a wrestler and Brock put in a very good showing here. And he was fighting Gangrel at the late... Continue Reading →

CCW: New Titles, Same Fab Wrestling

Titles Yep, CCW have gone for it, adding strings to that Metal music, a portcullis effect with little pictures in each square, encased by metal and barbed wire. New footage too, including that nasty backdrop onto a plastic table that Jacob Fatu took from Gangrel and ending with the extraordinary picture of KiLynn King's face... Continue Reading →

CCW: Brian Cage’s Happy Wrestling Home?

CCW Makes A Refreshing Change? I don't know Brian Cage. We don't connect on Twitter or Insta. There are no LOLs or retweets. And yet when I see him in his latest faction, Tully Blanchard Enterprises, I just feel that he doesn't know why he's there. And why should he know? Moved from Team Taz... Continue Reading →

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