CCW: New Titles, Same Fab Wrestling

Titles Yep, CCW have gone for it, adding strings to that Metal music, a portcullis effect with little pictures in each square, encased by metal and barbed wire. New footage too, including that nasty backdrop onto a plastic table that Jacob Fatu took from Gangrel and ending with the extraordinary picture of KiLynn King's face... Continue Reading →

CCW: Brian Cage’s Happy Wrestling Home?

CCW Makes A Refreshing Change? I don't know Brian Cage. We don't connect on Twitter or Insta. There are no LOLs or retweets. And yet when I see him in his latest faction, Tully Blanchard Enterprises, I just feel that he doesn't know why he's there. And why should he know? Moved from Team Taz... Continue Reading →

CCW Ep 101 : Levy Gets His Shot

CCW Made It Simmer That's one of the the reasons this was so good, CCW kept it going for weeks. Ariel Levy broke with his South American Alliance tag team pal Vinicious and manager Bill Alfonso. But he didn't ask for a gentle tete a tete, laying out his reasons for leaving with tearstained cheeks... Continue Reading →

CCW: A Great Guest And A Hot Mess

Alex Makes A Mistake Alex Chamberlain, the bumptious CCW wrestling gent, has offered an Open Challenge. It's been running for a while now and it bigs him up whilst challenging him too - Chamberlain is a quality wrestler. Now, when you offer an Open Challenge, you have to weigh it up... Do I offer it... Continue Reading →

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