Wrestlers Who Surprisingly Competed in ECW, WCW, & WWE

In North American professional wrestling in the 1990s, there were the unofficial big 3: ECW, WCW and WWF. All peaking in the latter half of the 1990s, they all had a vastly different outputs to each other. Ragging on each other, the competition could be heated but each had the talent to back it up.... Continue Reading →

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ECW Matches That You Won’t Believe Took Place

I’ve previously written a list of wrestlers you may not know were in ECW. In that piece, it was heavily implied that almost everyone who was anyone in wrestling wrestled at least once in the Philadelphia promotion. Even with that considered, some of these matches that took place in ECW may have you going “Boy,... Continue Reading →

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10 Great Male Wrestlers Under 5’10 (Past & Present)

Traditionally, the wrestling landscape has been perceived as “The Land Of The Giants”, with the larger-than-life, muscles and frames of mammoth men ruling the roost. This has made it harder for those wrestlers of lower stature. That said, a few stars of today and pioneers of yesteryear have flourished, being very credible and commendable workers... Continue Reading →

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Great Wrestlers With Terrible PPV-Specific Histories

As humans, we all have off days (except, of course, myself). The only difference is that wrestlers' mistakes are aired in front of potentially millions of people with discriminatory and expletive remarks fired at them on Twitter. Even the very best wrestler will have unsalvageable matches in which they just cannot sail to shore. This... Continue Reading →

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