Memphis Wrestling: Mommmbs Prooober

We are back with another fantastic episode of Championship Wrestling From Memphis or as we lovingly call it here at Lace 'Em Up, Memphis Wrestling. So join us again as we enjoy everything this wonderful promotion has to offer. [All images Credit; Five Star Fan Cam @fredstyle 88] Or Mads Krügger I find it hard... Continue Reading →

Memphis Wrestling: The Internet Champ Is Here!

Zicky Will Be Here Every Week I was told that by Memphis Wrestling themselves as I was worried about it. So the Memphis Wrestling Internet Championship could be defence every week! I'm not expecting that of course, temper your expectations, Steve, remember that time you though Stone Cold coming to the last Wrestlemania was going... Continue Reading →

Memphis Wrestling: The Troublesome Era Begins

'Kids Were Crying, Hearts Were Broken...' That's how Maria Starr began this Memphis Wrestling Saturday Morning spectacular. What could she be talking about which caused so much torment? Here Comes The New Heritage Champ And because holding the Memphis Wrestling top belt has some gravitas, he's nicely suited. With a beanie hat to make you... Continue Reading →

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