Mané Leaving Liverpool Because Of Klopp? Who Says?

Trevor Sinclair Did. Sort Of The former QPR, West Ham, and Manchester City winger and now pundit, was chatting on TalkSport about the reasons for the Senegal International's reasons for leaving. He has apparently 'opined', according to and that's a good word to use; Opine: to express an opinion, according to the Cambridge Dictionary. Opinion? Well, I... Continue Reading →

Liverpool FC: A Perfect Summer For the Reds

Liverpool FC will be suffering some losses this year, but plan on bringing in some major upgrades so who's leaving and who's coming in? Let's talk about a perfect summer for the Reds. Who's Leaving Liverpool FC This Summer? Sadio Mané is one of the big names leaving Liverpool this upcoming transfer window, someone who... Continue Reading →

Lace ‘Em Up’s Premier League End Of Season Awards

Hello everyone and welcome to the first-ever Lace Em Up, Premier League end of season awards. With such awards as Young Player of the year, the Worst signing of the season, and more let's hand out some awards. Signing Of The Season: Luis Diaz This award will award the player who has made the biggest... Continue Reading →

Liverpool vs Everton Clash In The Premier League

Liverpool vs Everton was a game of two halves quite literally. A horrific showing by the Reds in the first half and a brilliant showing in the second so let’s break it down. A Tale of Two Halves for Liverpool In the first half, Everton played all the dark secrets of football Time wasting and... Continue Reading →

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