Memphis Wrestling Is Hot Hot Hot!

Yep, Memphis Wrestling has kept it burning beautifully. Tonight we had Trios action, a face turn confirmed, a heel turn expected, the Women's and tag team divisions in messy flux. So much going on, that there's no time to blink or get a coffee. And that's the way it should be. Derrick The King Should... Continue Reading →

Memphis Wrestling Reboot? Nah, Same Brilliance

Yes, the Memphis Wrestling anniversary trio of weeks ended last week, so we start a new cycle. Will they call it something different? Give it a different name? Add some bunting and a pair of swag curtains? Nope, they just continued to delight. This show is so strong, that it doesn’t need any changes. It... Continue Reading →

Happy Anniversary, Memphis Wrestling!

It was one ago year today,Memphis Wrestling came back to stayIt was going in and out of styleBut it never ceased to raise a smileLet Dustin introduce to youHis wrestling entertainment creeeeeew… With apologies to the Fab Four and ‘Sgt. Peppers…’, it needs marking, this anniversary. And the last 3 weeks have done just that.... Continue Reading →

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