Wrestlers Who Surprisingly Competed in ECW, WCW, & WWE

In North American professional wrestling in the 1990s, there were the unofficial big 3: ECW, WCW and WWF. All peaking in the latter half of the 1990s, they all had a vastly different outputs to each other. Ragging on each other, the competition could be heated but each had the talent to back it up.... Continue Reading →

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10 Wrestlers Who Kayfabe Committed Attempted Murder 

Wrestling is, if nothing else, entertainment. Of course, although kayfabe in the year 2022 is as dead as a doornail to the bedroom of a dodo, professional wrestling is still treated as if real – as much so as any other sport. A surprisingly common tactic wresters attempt however is murder, often in front of... Continue Reading →

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10 Wrestlers Scott Hall Put Over (That He Didn’t Need To)

With the recent passing of Scott Hall, many fans have reflected on the contributions made by “The Bad Guy”. Hall is commonly seen as a backstage politician of note, which makes sense considering his role in The Kliq and refusal to allow anyone to kick out of his Razor’s Edge (with the exception of Crush)... Continue Reading →

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Great Wrestlers With Terrible PPV-Specific Histories

As humans, we all have off days (except, of course, myself). The only difference is that wrestlers' mistakes are aired in front of potentially millions of people with discriminatory and expletive remarks fired at them on Twitter. Even the very best wrestler will have unsalvageable matches in which they just cannot sail to shore. This... Continue Reading →

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Scott Hall; Wrestling Was Never The Same Again

How many people actually changed the face of Wrestling? Very, very few. Hogan? He was working within the conditions that Vincent K McMahon gave him. Stone Cold? Same. The Rock broke out, didn’t he? Yes, but his mainstream success left wrestling far behind. When Scott Hall entered WCW with his close friend Kevin Nash in... Continue Reading →

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