Memphis Wrestling: The Internet Champ Is Here!

Zicky Will Be Here Every Week I was told that by Memphis Wrestling themselves as I was worried about it. So the Memphis Wrestling Internet Championship could be defence every week! I'm not expecting that of course, temper your expectations, Steve, remember that time you though Stone Cold coming to the last Wrestlemania was going... Continue Reading →

Memphis Wrestling Internet Championship Shock!

Hang On, It Can't Be... Zicky Dice brought the announcement to Memphis Wrestling a few Saturday nights ago, so it seemed fitting that he was back to reveal the Memphis Wrestling Internet title belt. Now, when Dustin revealed the tag belts, I wasn't massively keen and said so - he pushed back at that on... Continue Reading →

Memphis Wrestling Saturday Night : Alternate Reality?

It's as if the Memphis Wrestling Saturday morning show spawned a twisted, darker brother. It does feel grown-up. It's at the Wrestlecenter but it's a different beast entirely. A sexy beast. The Look of Memphis Wrestling Remember when 80's US promotions used to show footage that happened the week before at their evening show? The... Continue Reading →

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